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“IUSTITIA / Iuris praecepta sunt haec: honeste vivere, alterum non laedere, suum cuique tribuere”

The law in all its aspects: careful study of the source text before turning it into another language is the priority in this translation sector more than in any other.
The focus is on the comprehension of the deep sense of any piece of writing, much beyond its mere reading.
A professional translation is indispensable for respecting the author’s original intent and not running the risk of a mistaken interpretation of what is written.


  • letters of commitment and intent, side letters
  • confidentiality agreements
  • private deeds and memoranda of understanding


  • writs of summons and endorsements of service
  • notarial deeds
  • writs of attachment

Litigation and arbitration

  • agency agreements
  • transfer of businesses and branches of business
  • sale of shares and contributions
  • sale of real and personal property
  • consultancy and distribution contracts
  • escrow, servicing e joint venture agreements
  • lease agreements and insurance contracts
  • loan agreements and pledges
  • preliminary agreements

Payment orders


  • environmental
  • administrative and contracts
  • insurance
  • banking and capital markets
  • commercial and company
  • competition
  • property and construction
  • labour, industrial relations and social security
  • maritime, shipping and transport
  • procedural
  • industrial and intellectual property, information technology
  • e-commerce
  • successions
  • tax

First-demand guarantees
Contract notes and share certificates
Mandates, powers of attorney, proxies, certifications and apostilles
Statements of appearance and defence
Opinions, acts, judgments and arbitration awards
Proceedings :

  • before the Competition Authority
  • before the European Commission (Court of Justice and Court of First Instance)
  • before Regional Administrative Courts (TAR) and the Council of State

Valuation reports, experts’ reports and fairness opinions
Reorganizations and insolvency proceedings
By-laws, articles of incorporation and shareholders’ agreements