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MT Rinaldi Traduzioni is based in Rome and works with clients that are located all over the world; it uses both in-house and freelance translators.
Translation projects are entrusted to members of in-house staff led by the Project Manager, who is responsible for overall supervision. The following activities are carried out during the process at various levels of responsibility:
– management of workflow and deadlines

– coordination of translators and proof-readers
– quality control of the translated texts
Moreover, by taking advantage of the synergies of the MT Rinaldi Network, we are able to work with clients on the basis of shared objectives and projects and offer complementary services in addition to translation.

MT Rinaldi Traduzioni draws on a large network of freelance translators for its translation projects; this network is made up exclusively of carefully-selected and specialised professional translators, who translate into their native language and have many years of experience in their relevant area.
MT Rinaldi Traduzioni is not just an intermediary – without any linguistic competence and dealing exclusively with the passing of emails and telephone calls between the client and the freelance translator – but rather it is a professional translation practice which provides added value in the quality it offers through the process of managing and reviewing the translated texts.

Please beware of your false friends in translation“.

Management of Workflow and Deadlines
Coordination of Translators and Proof-readers
Quality Control of the Translated Texts